Our Story

About Smith Rock Hop Farm - Central OregonOur story starts with a Christmas party in December of 2013 where three individuals meet over delicious craft beer. Two of them were relatively new to Central Oregon, were farmers at heart, and were looking for a new adventure. The third…well he possessed a love of craft beer and a thirst for knowledge.

A challenge was declared: discover all that there is to know about starting and running a hop farm, including marketing and sales to local brewers, in less than three months. We began in earnest, contacting every hop grower in Oregon that we could find. Lucky for us…they all responded. We learned the most from the wonderful owners of Tumalo Hop Farm, Gary & Susan Wyatt. Their generosity would set us down a path of sharing everything we would learn along the way with others starting their own hop journey. And with that, Smith Rock Hop Farm was officially started in the spring of 2014…an energetic and enthusiastic addition to the local Central Oregon hop growing industry.

Or first season we would see 14 feet of plant growth and a harvest of 25 pounds of fresh Cascade and Centennial cones. The entire lot was used by Worthy Brewing of Bend and Wild Ride Brewing of Redmond to create a collaboration fresh hop beer named Worth Wild. After eight months of work, it was extremely satisfying to hand pick hops, see them used in the brewing process within 24 hours, and then within just over a week have a pint of delicious craft beer in hand!

Now, as we finish up the 2017 season, we have been able to sell our hops fresh every year since we started, as well as sell dried whole leaf and pellets to local brewers and home brew stores.We look forward to developing stronger relationships with hard working brewers, brewery owners, and home brewers year after year!


Katy Wilhelm, Jim Wilhelm, and Clare Thompson - Smith Rock Hop Farm - Central Oregon   Smith Rock Hop Farm - Central Oregon   Miles Wilhelm & Natalie Hoshaw - Smith Rock Hop Farm