hop farm hop trellis stringLast week I was a bit frustrated. Our super cool wooden platform that we built to save money on having to rent and transport a scissor lift had failed. Our second year hops were laying on the ground and not growing vertical like they should be by this time of year. I had to make a decision so we could start stringing hops ASAP.

When the platform failed the week before, we were just over half way through stringing the cable that would support rope for the second year plants. We left it unattached and hanging from the main cables. This situation offered a temporary solution! We decided to lower the cable from both ends and tie the old rope from last year, then raise the cable back up and tie the ends down.

The ONLY reason we did it this way was to get the hop bines off of the ground and get them growing skyward. There were a few problems with this solution and the main one was the tightness or looseness of the ropes because of the cable droop. But at least the bines are up for the moment!