Smith Rock Hop Farm New Poles 2015Two weeks ago a forest products company in Sisters, Oregon delivered 26 freshly-cut Douglas Fir poles, each 22 feet in length. And so begins the 2015 Smith Rock Hop Farm expansion project.

Over the next two months, that same company will deliver 70 additional poles and we will begin to finalize measurements and drill new four-foot holes, spaced 12 feet apart north-to south and 36 feet apart east-to-west. We will also take delivery of 60 new rhizomes to help finish out our first two rows, followed by nearly 600 rhizomes in 2016. This particular field we plan on finishing out with the same two varieties we started with: Cascade and Centennial. Not until we break ground on the second field will we place an order for Chinook, Zeus, or Sorachi Ace.

After planting, our goal is to take out time during the summer to build the new trellis system and be 100% ready to plant the entire field by spring of 2016. Easy does it.