It may have been hot as hell out here in the open fields of Smith Rock Hop Farm, 98 degrees in fact, but we know we have to get a jump on the planning and prepping of year two.

We spent two days walking the field, measuring the new rows, planting stakes in the ground, and discussing how to approach the field expansion in a slightly different way than the first year. We have learned quite a bit as expected. From cross wires to spread out vertical bine growth, to shortening the planting space by two feet between rhizomes, to changing the size of some aircraft cable in order to save a little coin.

The next step is to start tearing up the rows to see what kind of hellish rock field lies below. At least we made the intelligent decision to not tear up the entire field and only focus on two-foot wide rows.

Central Oregon Hop Farm Planning - Year 2 Central Oregon Hop Farm Planning - Year 2