You would think that finding large pieces of wood to use as hop yard trellis poles in one of the top lumber states in the country would be easy. But it was a bit tougher than expected.

We were finally able to obtain ten pieces of Tamarack wood from a lumber seller off of Hwy 97 and Tumalo Road. They also allowed us to use their trailer to haul them back to the farm. Everything worked out great for this year…but I have my doubts that the same seller can provide us with enough timber for next year’s expansion.

I thought that picking up the poles, driving them back to the farm, and then off-loading them would have been enough work for the girls. But we decided to dive right in to dropping them into the four foot holes awaiting them. I was slightly nervous because I had only seen this done in a YouTube video. We drove the tractor with the front loader attachment on the front up to the first pole and wrapped a chain around the midsection of the pole. Clare lifted the loader, the pole came with it, and the bottom half swung down exactly how we expected it. Well it’s just physics so clairvoyance here!

I lifted the bottom half off the ground so it wouldn’t drag and walked it towards the first hole as Clare carefully drove the tractor over the top of the north row of hops. I placed the end of the pole over the hole and together Clare and I guided the pole as she lifted the loader and inched the tractor closer. It ended up being much easier than expected and Natalie and I finished up securing the pole in the ground by dropping rocks and dirt to fill the hole as I climbed a ladder to release the chain from the midsection of the pole.

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