Once we have all 10 poles secured 36ft apart east to west and 10ft apart north to south, we will start running 5/16″ galvanized aircraft cable. This cable has a 9,800 pound breaking strength and is necessary to support the full weight of the vegetation at its heaviest (which can be 20 tons/acre).

Hop Yard Design in SketchUpAfter we stretch the cable 144ft (the full length of the rows), the ends are attached to 4ft auger earth anchors by looping the cable back on itself and securing with cable clamps. The loop is attached to a turnbuckle, which is then attached to the auger and then tightened, pulling the entire cable line taut from end to end. The cable is held in place on top of each pole by a 4” eye screw.

I read somewhere that it makes sense to drill and attach the screws before you put the poles up. But then I followed that up by reading that it’s smart to place all poles in the ground, cut them all to the same height, cut them all at an angle so that water runs off the tops, then attach the eye screws.