Full Size Hop Trellis in YakimaYou will see a lot more of this topic in the near future as we start building the two row trellis system, but I need to get all of the info that is in my head and in my notes typed out as a kind of blog post.

As mentioned earlier, we are shooting for a full size trellis system, which means using 22ft poles about the diameter of a telephone pole; somewhere between 8-10”. Four feet of that pole is sunk in the ground, enough so that frost can’t push them up and out. That should leave us with an 18ft trellis height.

When the poles are that large, we will probably have to use a front loader to lift the pole after we have attached a chain to the center. The pole’s larger end will swing down and we will guide it into the 12” wide, 4ft holes we have drilled in the ground.